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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

Basics of DSLR Photography

349,00 (incl. tax)

Learn the basics of photography, away from knips to impressive photos

All our photo courses are individual coachings, we focus on you and your individual needs.

But you absolutely want to do this workshop with another person, e.g. your partner, ok, write me an e-mail and I will make you an individual offer for 2 people.

See the full description below.


All our courses are individual coachings, which means we take about 6h just for you time.

The current youngest participant was 14 years, up there are of course no limits to learning this great hobby. In this basic sLR camera course, you will learn what aperture, iso, exposure time is all about, how these 3 work together to take your own impressive photos. Away from automatic mode to great, creative photos.

In the end you control the camera and not the camera you ;-) Of course also applies to the modern mirrorless cameras ;-)

How do I get portraits of my loved ones against this fuzzy background, or how do I get my running dog sharp, etc.

We will also illuminate the topic of Raw Format as opposed to the JPG so that you can get the most out of your photos.

2-3 hours of theory with me in the studio and then it goes out, if possible we will then orientate ourselves on the topics which should be your focus. Whether it’s your child, your dog, your horse or cities or nature. If desired, we will sit down in the evening in a cosy atmosphere and discuss your daily work.

You will receive documents to read what you have learned at home. We will arrange dates with you immediately after your purchase.


If you want to give this course as a gift, let me know in a short e-mail after the purchase, then I will finish a voucher for you, which I can send you or you can pick up from me


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