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Major events, family celebrations, company celebrations, birthdays, schooling – we will accompany you


Whether it was a big music spectacle in Neu Isenburg, the 80th birthday, the golden wedding, the prom or, as now, the schooling of the daughter, we accompany you photographically as long as you want.

Why hire a photographer at all, when everyone has his mobile phone with him 😉 The best question could be the father of the schoolchild from 2 weeks ago. When he picked up the photos, he said: What luck we booked you, because the relatives had just taken a handful of photos. And the training was thus documented in photographs.


It is also the case that the kinship is actually there to celebrate and does not consistently concentrate on watching the scenery in order to press the trigger at the right moment. So many funny moments are lost.

We often work in pairs, so you have many moments from different perspectives.

At company parties, birthdays, etc. All photos on data carriers, in full resolution, in basic processed version, i.e. contrasts, colors etc. harmoniously, without further retouching. 2-3 photos I usually pack with it, in which another editing possibility is shown.

What does the fun cost me, e.g. at my celebration for the 50th birthday, will now be the question 😉 per hour /149,-€, minimum booking is 2h.

In confirmations / communions, it is also much more pleasant for the pastors when 1-2 professional photographers take photos there than when 30 relatives cause a lot of unrest. As professionals, we know how to behave respectfully and yet the ceremony can be photographed without disturbing.

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