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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

I would like a nice photo of me……..

that’s how I usually hear it in the studio. But what does she/he mean? Then begins the part of the photographer’s work that demands empathy, empathy.

There are countless types of portraits, mostly the natural picture is meant. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE. Here are a few examples of how different portraits can be:

This is all the same person, yet completely different. The first photo was without any styling, light etc. So rather type pass photo.

Here you can book an appointment right away.

Just to give you a very small impression of how a person can look different.

Then, of course, there are the beauty portraits, in a model look, or the more elaborate premium portraits, where smoke, props etc are played even more than with the “normal” portrait. And not to forget the outdoor portraits. Therefore, a good photographer will always keep some small talk with you and try to find out something about you and the reason for the photos. It will be a different portrait for the grandma than for the partner. Or we are often asked to take a photo for the single exchanges, because you want to make someone appear authentic and positive with different facets. So such a conversation is always important, unless you have clear ideas and say: I want to have a photo like this.

My motto for 25 years: There is no “unphotogenic”, and definitely not. Don’t talk to yourself. Every person can look great in front of the camera, provided styling & photographer fit. Be relaxed when it comes to the photographer, if you say you are unphotogenic, you cramp and that doesn’t have to be. Dentist is much worse 😉

Of course we offer you a Personality Shooting, a shooting where we only take care of you for a whole day. In the intensive preliminary discussion we explore your type, what you love, what not, what are your interests, what do you want to express with the photo, and much more. Just experience a piece of your personality. Then we think about how we can put this in a great shoot in Scene. And finally the shooting, whether studio or on location, followed by the common image selection and the subsequent editing of your desired photos. This creates a work that is individually tailored to you. The one-day framework refers to the entire project, from preliminary discussion to processing. Of course, it is better if the preliminary discussion takes place a few days before the shooting, so that we can prepare for this great experience together. Also optional with make-up istin possible.

I hate snaps of myself, but in the studio I even get decent selfies. 😉 Here are some portraits of different kinds. I dedicate my own page to the beauty portraits with the before/ after effect and the glamour photos.

Of course, we also like to photograph you in a natural environment, i.e. outdoors. So in your garden, a park or whatever your favorite place is. Whether it’s the extended family, couple photos or individual portraits.

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