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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

This is a rather controversial issue.

Why controversial? There are basically two variants of food photography, which you can still enjoy eating the photographed menu, and then the variant, in which the food is treated by all means of art, in such a way that no one should eat them any more.

physical tricks, yes. But no photoshop creation

For my part, I belong to the photographers who prefer to photograph authentically, i.e. to use inedible aids only as a last resort. We’d rather sit down together after the shoot and eat your great menus. There are exceptions, of course, beer foam e.g. this is so quickly gone under the lamps that you wouldn’t get a cleverly staged photo without aids. With ice, you still have the choice between the cooling chamber and the corresponding foods to simulate the ice. 😉


Generally speaking, it must look delicious, let the viewer literally run the water in his mouth together, that he has the feeling when looking at the picture already perceive a delicious smell. There are professional food designers who have learned which menu looks best in which composition. And what can be improved with natural aids. Many of you are experienced chefs and also know how to make a menu delicious. I have experience with design, light and technology. In addition, my creativity, together you can create great photos for your restaurant, website, product.

Good chefs are also artists, so this art should also be presented accordingly.

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