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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

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This is about the coronation of creation, us men…;-) – Dear women please do not take me so seriously 😉

In contrast to the femininity, which mostly wants to be presented delicately and with perfect skin, it is often the opposite with us guys. We like it a bit rougher, more nutritious. That’s why I decided to dedicate an extra page to this genre.

Men's portraits

Here you can see a few examples, often a guy in different types of presentation. I’ve been lucky enough to have men in the studio, young and mature, who also had the courage to experiment, and so I was able to work as I just thought. This is of course perfect to show you how different you can be shown, just by choosing the clothes. Pose and light setting. So if you want to have photos of how you want to see yourself, let me know. Because the statement I want a photo of me, opens up countless possibilities of interpretation!

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