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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

You are unique – show it !

Look me in the eye, little one 😉

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There is hardly anything more individual than your eyes, more specifically your iris. Just as individual as your fingerprint! Thus you get unique, very individual photos with us.

I find it interesting how different the eyes are. Brown often looks like velvet
Iris Photos

Whether as the sole motive without effects or the togetherness with your partner, everything is possible. With or without effect, depending on taste.

Before the shoot, you choose the motive that you like best and then I get to work.

You can get the small file up to the high-quality large acrylic painting of your beautiful iris. Due to the colors and structures of the eyes, these are motifs that look great everywhere as eye-catchers. Especially as large-format images, the “Wow” effect is guaranteed.

Iris Photos

I am so enthusiastic about these photos, they have everything I love, macro photography, color, finest structures, nature and yet plenty of space for creativity!

Prices are pending from the material on which you want your iris photo, and of course by the size. The small social media compliant file with a pixel length of 1200 Px you get from 39,-€ .

as always applies: Please note all the motifs here, I have worked out myself in the last days for hours, please respect the copyright, not only the photos but also the motifs are protected – thanks for your fairness 🙂

Iris Photos
Iris Photos

Due to the frequent demand, of course, several irides on one image with or without effect are possible. We are happy to advise you in the studio .

So enough chatted 😉 If you are as enthusiastic about this as I am and you would like to have such photos, just contact us.

Weitere eigene Motive halten wir für Euch bei uns im Studio bereit. Sucht Euch EUER Motiv aus!

You want to give away such an iris shooting? Then we have just the thing for you. Our vouchers. Gladly in the online shop or in our studio. The right gift for everyone.

Or do you prefer it a little more violent, then have a look here:

All motifs were designed by myself in day-long, devotional work. That’s why these motives only exist here.

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