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Baby & Baby Belly
Save 50€ if your Baby Belly & Newborn Shoot books with us

Memories for life

Congratulations from our whole team on your pregnancy! Capture this moment with the most beautiful photos. Together with the partner. Or as a nice surprise for him. In addition to our dreamlike baby photos, we offer you also beautiful pregnancy photos at a fair price. The shoot should be in the last weeks of pregnancy, but also not too short, so that the little one, if she/he is in a hurry, does not make us a slap in the bill. Ideal are 4 weeks before the birthday. Convince yourself. Of course, no basic fee here, only pay what you like. In combination with the baby photos after the birth, you will save 50€ with us on the baby photos.

Great happiness can be so small


Photos to dream about

Capture this irretrievable time in beautiful photos. We take a lot of time for our smallest customers, no problem, if it has to be breastfed during the shoot, or has other needs. The most beautiful newborn pictures are created in the first weeks of life. The babies are then still very sleepy, get hardly anything from the shoot and just look really “freshly hatched”.

Photos which you certainly don’t get in the hospital 😉

Therefore, please make an appointment with me early so that I can schedule you firmly. I note your calculated birth date and you will report as soon as your baby is in the world. In the hospital you are also offered photos, here there is little room for individual photos. The shooting with us takes about 2-3h. We also take the time to breastfeed in between. As always: Selection from several finished photos

If you are looking for romantic outfits for the baby belly photos, then look, here,I like the really good.

Baby & Baby Belly

Baby belly photos or pregnancy photos are a very special moment in the life of you parents. A new man is on his way to the great world. You don’t hear it, you don’t see it and yet you see it 😉 Something fantastic is being created!

Baby & Baby Belly

Why wait until the chick 😉 hatched ? With us you get dreamlike photos also from this genre, of course also here different styles, because I focus on you and the accessories you bring with you 🙂

Let yourself be enchanted , shows how beautiful a pregnant woman is and how proud you are as an incoming parents 🙂 Of course with partner, or as in this case, as a nice surprise for the partner.

A valuable tip from me: If you are photographing your little darling, you should definitely avoid flashing it (them) directly. Lightning against a white shirt or the ceiling. Otherwise, the very sensitive eyes could be flashed and take irreparable damage. And now I leave you to the gallery 😉

Your Andi

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