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there is no “unphotogenic”

Beauty portraits

Here you can see our sogn. Beauty portraits. Is probably more of a theme for the women among you, unless the men are looking for an extraordinary gift 😉

On a make-up book I read the saying: Every woman is as beautiful as she makes up. Roughly speaking, this is even true. In photography, there is much more to it to conjure up a model from the “normal woman”. Because the human eye is much more tolerant than the lifeless object that calls itself a camera. 😉 . As a human being, if someone is sympathetic to me, our brainhides all the little imperfections. The camera, on the other hand, is heartless, and shows it. Therefore, a little more work is required here in advance and afterwards. I present you here a before image, i.e. without make-up, without styling and without any photographic work. And then there is the transformation, here too are all normal customers from the past, who have authorized my publishing.

Beauty portraits

Let us show you how beautiful you are. In this shoot, the make-up / hair is already included in the price. Of course, Photoshop is also used in these photos, but in principle only for skin retouching, colors & contrasts. The rest is created at the time of recording. Let yourself be taken a little into the world of glamour and models. Don’t worry about poses or problem zones, this is our job to photograph you in a way that makes you look amazing.

So here are a few before – after photos

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