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I was often asked if iris photos of your four-legged darlings are also possible. Purely technically, but of course it would not be pleasant for the animals, because you would have to stop your eyelid and I would get very close to her eye, which would certainly not be pleasant. So I came up with the idea of this animal portrait – Faces series, so very close shots of the face & eye area of your darlings. As the rehearsals for this new series have shown, it also works with more anxious pets, you just need a lot of patience and time, but it works.

Animal Portraits - Faces

So you get breathtaking close-ups of your animals. I even go so far as to say that I do this with every animal, except for poisonous snakes, because I simply go into the shock distance of the animals, so pure self-preservation instinct 😉 . But even lizards or larger spiders wouldn’t be a problem, whether it works out in the end, but it’s all down to the animal.

I had to grin when I saw this photo, Paulchen Panther was already with me 😉

You will also get the photos in the minimum size of 20 x 30 cm, because the bigger they are more impressive. I’m really excited about what great animals I get for these photos before the lens.

As with our “normal” animal portraits, our top priority is the welfare of the animals, that is, we adjust to the animal, it is relaxed it goes quite fast, it is rather shy, we need more time, simply so that the animal can make friends with the situation. That’s why the treats are essential here as well.

I’m not sure yet if he had winked or targeted 😉

Since I already had birds of prey in the studio, I know that this would be possible here as well. With big animals like e.B. horses then prefer outside, there gets a bit tight in the studio 😉 Of course, photos are also possible in your home with the Faces series

Seeing the world through the eyes of horses………

Look forward to unique, impressive photos of your animals, which look really horny in large format, simply breathtaking.

Your Andi

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