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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

We offer you more service than “just” to photograph

Digitize movies / slides

Together with our strong partner Helo Film, we offer you for years the service to digitize all films in top quality. You can see exactly which films they are and what it costs here at Helo on the website. Of course, we offer you the same prices as Helo, only the shipping as an insured package is added. Whether a cassette or 20 pieces, we are there for you. Simply leave the movies with us in the studio, and after about 10-14 days you have the digital version in your hands.

Pictures for funerals

I have found it difficult to write on this subject, because the subject is rather sad. But since I have dozens of customers in the studio every year with exactly this concern, I decided to post this here.

Unfortunately, each of us has to say goodbye, even if we don’t want to admit it. Often urn burials are taken, so you want to put up a nice photo at the ceremony. Especially with older people, it is often difficult to choose something that fits from the photos of the family celebration. And still looks smart. We now have two options: What is usually the case is that the relatives come to me with a passport photo, snapshot of a celebration and would like to have a bigger photo for the funeral. In most cases, it should also be processed. Those who are familiar with image editing know how hard it is to take small photos, files still cutouts and then change the background. There are many factors that play into the effort and the final product, Does the photo have damage, how big is the original, how big should it be, does it have a grid, etc. Therefore, we always advise you on what makes sense for a photo, and what is no longer possible. Depending on the effort and size, the price is also determined. Since funerals are usually quite timely, please come as early as possible. 3 days I need at least! Until the photo is also back from the laboratory.

Rework old photos


What began as a service for funerals has now become firmly established for us. Rework old photos, retouch damage, enlarge and occasionally recolor. Even if I am a big fan of the old black and white photos, they have their very own charm, they like this photo around the beginning of 1900 (customer statement), some of these photos then have their very special charm when they are elaborately recolored. In this case, I even like the color image with its delicate colors better. We look at your templates, and based on the desired works, the price is also determined. A recoloration costs only 99€, but I think that’s a fair price. Because everything is handmade, as far as you can speak of manual work on the PC 😉

The 2nd option

Is psychologically a bit more difficult, I actually only came up with it because these were wishes of customers. In this case, the deceased must have thought beforehand. I had customers here, the slightly older generation, who wanted to have a nice photo for the funeral when the time came. So looking ahead. I admit that there is always a feeling that can be described badly, because we all don’t like to think about death. But at the end of the day, this is the ideal solution if you think about it in good time. So there is also the perfect photo for the last greeting. Whether the grandparents think about it themselves, or if you are simply given a portrait shoot, with the “background” to have a great photo as a last memory, everyone has to decide for themselves. But now you know that we also offer you this service.

Image editing / retouching in general

Of course, we also offer you in general the editing of your photos. From gone wedding photos , because extremely underexposed (I really had already) to the away retouching of the ex-girlfriend 😉 Here, too, we will discuss with you what is possible beforehand. Likewise, simple color adjustments. Up to the high end retouching of old / ancient photos. With yellowing, scratches and detachments. Also with old SW photos a complete coloring is possible.

The biggest challenge so far

You can find out more about this restoration here on my blog.

If you have other wishes, which are not listed here, just talk to us. Only for simple copies of photos we refer you to e.g. Foto Fuchs in Hanau, which send the photos to a large laboratory for copying and are copied one to one. I refer you there because it is cheaper for you than if I scanned the photo in “handicraft” and still match the colors.

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