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Your studio for impressive photography

Here you can book an appointment right away.

Photos in action, away from the “brave family portraits” that’s what this is all about.

You live your sport with passion? Whether from hobby or as a profession , then you are exactly right here.

This is not about the mobile phone snapshot of your sporting activity, but about high-quality sports photos, which you can then proudly hang in poster size.

Whether in the studio or outside in the wild, with us you get your sports portraits with all the emotions, fun that your sport gives.

Before shooting, we will discuss exactly what you are presenting and what our ideas are about the respective sport. Not every sport can be photographed in the studio, such as our American football player here. There are sports, such as mountaineering, dressage, swimming, where an on-location shooting, i.e. in the real place of the event, makes much more sense.

Therefore I can not give a price here, because it depends on how elaborate it should be, swimmer photos in the indoor pool, or mountaineering in the Himalayas are of course more elaborate 😉 Ok, the last thing I would think about is if I can get the summit photo there 😉

Also rider photos whether romantically united with the horse or jumping over the obstacle, makes more sense outside the studio 😉

But boxing, dancing, ballet, even chess, can be put wonderfully in scene in the studio. Just ask us.

I have countless ideas in my head for really cool sports photos, don’t be satisfied with your passion with mobile phone photos, be proud of your sport and show this with impressive photos.

Of course, we also produce photos for clubs, sports studios, etc. Just contact us.

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