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Business Portraits

On the way to professional success

who does not know this, you look at the company website or the intranet of your own company, and amuse yourself about some photos of the colleagues. 😉

Business Portraits
Business Portraits
Business Portraits

That’s still ok as long as it’s in the circle of colleagues, it looks different when customers get the private snapshot presented as a contact person. The photo is intended to build trust and also reflect the position & competence in the person. All this in a sympathetic way & way. As in advertising, the budding customer is an eye hunter, and so he will choose a contact person where he feels likeable and competent.

We do not produce your business portrait as a mass-produced product, but individually tailored to your type, industry, etc., so that you can convince your customers from the very first moment. Whether in the studio or in your business premises / outdoors. Several shots are taken until we find a photo together that you like optimally. Usually these are 10-20 shots, in different poses.

Give your company the presence it deserves in the workforce.

Business Portraits

Of course we offer you a Personality Shooting, a shooting where we only take care of you for a whole day. In the intensive preliminary discussion we explore your type, what you love, what not, what are your interests, what do you want to express with the photo, and much more. Just experience a piece of your personality. Then we think about how we can put this in a great shoot in Scene. And finally the shooting, whether studio or on location, followed by the common image selection and the subsequent editing of your desired photos. This creates a work that is individually tailored to you.

The time frame of one day refers to the entire project, from preliminary consultation to processing. Of course, it is better if the preliminary discussion takes place a few days before the shooting, so that we can prepare for this great experience together. Also optional with make-up istin possible.

Individual business portraits such as these business photos for the psychotherapy practice Bechmann, the photos should fit the friendly Nordic touch of the new website. The “witch image” was a spontaneous idea, completely unfamiliar as a business photo, with the statement: I can’t hex, but together we can help you” I found an extraordinary idea and as the feedback from her says, the photos arrive great.

Application photos can be business portraits, provided the photographer has granted the extended usage rights and approved the publication. As a rule, this right is not granted. (Info about copyright), just talk to us about it.

For business portraits and promotional photos, this is of course required and also approved in writing. Of course, we store your business portraits for you free of charge for several years.

Business Portraits

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If there are any questions, e.g. portraits for several employees etc., just give us a call.

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