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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

I could now, like many a colleague, bluster how great I am and that only my pictures are good —- nonsense 😉 . But you can be sure that I treat you and your photos in the best possible way 😉

What I’m explaining to you here is what we do differently from other colleagues, which sets us apart in the crowd. Whether I’m great, I leave it entirely to your opinion. Because art is a matter of taste, one likes it, the 2nd finds it super strong and the third says what a crap.

The top priority in your choice of photographer: You have to like what he/she presents in terms of work. If its style doesn’t suit your taste, the highly decorated photographer can’t satisfy you as it’s just not your taste/style.

TIP! Photographers don’t just watch websites on mobile. You can’t judge the qualities of the photos. At least on the PC in a decent size or ideally at the photographer on site. Only then do you see the quality. At least when it comes to more than passport photos 😉

Light shapes and creates moods

At the analog time, I learned what it means to photograph, that light can shape, that I can make someone appear very different through light and shadow. For me, there is nothing worse than boring light! And that photography does not mean flat light, nice filters over and off to the customer.

This is a “nogo” for me. Of course, we use Photoshop and Co, but the image has to fit when taking pictures, we naturally use digital tools to retouch skin, just as brushes and glaze colors used in high-quality photography used to create great portraits. Even then, high-quality photos were already “cheated” 😉 With brush & glaze colors. And magnifying glass 😉

I see it so often, with so-called available light, so the light that is currently present in the room or outside, photographed, Lightroom filter / preset ironed over it and done. Especially with Newborn very often seen. No retouching, stripes and other disturbances remain, in 3 minutes max this photo is ready in post-processing. And how often do the photos look the same, no style of the photographer to discover. The best thing is with the fully automatic camera, so in principle like your mobile phone 😛 mass-produced…

Don’t get me wrong, I also love avail. Light, but unlike many, I can also create this light and its wonderful natural effect in the studio or on location. If there is just not so the perfect room with the great large window. And then, for me, a proper skin retouching is simply part of it. So I come in loving work sometimes on 20 minutes per photo, until it is as I want it, there is fought at pixel level the pimple. So you can be sure that your photo does not have any ugly surprises in store even as a large format.

These 2 pictures were taken e.g. in the studio with flash light

I also don’t have a “F” scheme where I shoot all the photos the same, i photograph every customer the same. Instead, I perceive each customer personally, and so I try to work out his strengths and hide the small weaknesses. Of course in cooperation with your wishes. Benefits in the light, small imperfections prefer to leave in the shade, so everyone can get great photos.

Why are we different?
This is a selection that you will be presented, for example, to select

Also, you will not experience that I show you 150 photos and then let you decide the choice of agony and imagine what the finished photo might look like. This is one of my tasks. Therefore, you will always get a selection (depending on your desired photos) of finished photos. Photos that are optimally retouched. Redness & pimples do not belong in any photo. That means, for example, at a Newborn Shoot we work not only the 2-3h you see me, but for the most part 2 complete days on your photos. So that in the end you really get WOW photos that are allowed to scold professional photos.

And to have professional photos, which have been created with a lot of dedication and time, then to print cheaply, is in my view a crime. 😉 Here you have to work just as neatly and high-quality in the laboratory, so that in the end you really get top quality, which is also durable. That’s why we have been working with a specialist laboratory for years, where we are 100% convinced. But also from this point I find it difficult to publish high-resolution files in private photography, because usually these end up at Rossmann, DM & Co, precisely because it is cheap. I want to know that you get durable, photos with proper colors and contrasts. Just quality.

Iris Photos

For example, newborn acne or scaly skin are a foreign word in our photos. And this style applies to all our shoots. Someone will always find themselves faster and cheaper. But cheaper and better?

Why are we different?
Retouching, yes – but always with style & professionalism

Also, processing does not mean processing with us, a soft-drawer over and ready, making fast money and sniffing customers. No, not my way, I take every selected photo for about 20 – 30 minutes, sometimes a lot longer. The retouching takes place almost at pixel level, so that the structure of the skin is preserved and does not become muddy even with posters. Each pimple is fought individually. This means that if, for example, you are presented with 30 ready-made photos during a Newborn Shoot, we did about 15 hours of work that you didn’t even notice 😉

Why are we different?
With us: elaborate retouching and not just a filter over it and ready!

If we take pictures, then honestly, e.g. high-speed photography, clearly I can make a 4K video and quickly select the photo I show on the web, so horny everyone will say, but if someone wants to have such a photo as a poster etc., it quickly becomes very thin. I do the work and if I need 50 – 100 attempts until the photo is the way I want, if I have to break 50 wine glasses, no matter, because in the end the photo can hang on the wall as an oversized picture with you.

I work for your photos and not for presenting beautiful, small photos on the web! Each photo is produced in such a way that you could make a big screen out of it.

Why are we different?
Honest, high-resolution photographed with about 30 attempts

Which may have become clearer, why a shoot is best still with high-resolution files, with us not for 29 € or so. Because even the work you don’t see, how to interpret and apply body language, develop light settings and much more. are many hours / days of the year, which are then reflected in your photos at the end.

Now it’s up to you whether you’re looking for a good, experienced, creative photographer or prefer to go to a low-cost chain where individual and high-quality retouching is a foreign word, or even worse to the photo chain, where every housewife gets a crash course and is let go of the customers. (By the way, there are also for newborn shoots in the hospital) ! Photography is so much more for me than just pressing the trigger and ironing a filter over it. Photography is creativity, learned craftsmanship & love for art.

Your Andi

Ps. : With learned craftsmanship, I don’t think it has to be a trained photographer, even a good hobby photographer has learned his craft! 😉

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