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AKTUELLES in der COV-2 Zeit. Nur noch nach Termin geöffnet, mehr Info findet Ihr hier

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Hello and thank you for visiting our site.

I have dedicated myself to photography since I was 19. ( So already a few days ago 😉 ) I love photography, which hopefully you can see in the photos. Photography for me is much more than just pressing the trigger, photo graphic means drawing with light. And that’s what I like. Shape with light and shadow. To work out positives and hide small imperfections in the shadows. Where there is light, there is always shadow. That’s what makes a photographer if they master it. Shadowless photos of pretty models posing independently, anyone can make 😉 My conviction is that there is no “unphotogenic”, only the wrong styling and the wrong photographer. In terms of styling, in terms of make-up, hairstyle we are happy to help you and my make-up student will make you perfect at all shootings on request.


In addition to all kinds of photos that we take, which you see in the link menu on the left, we also take passport photos & prof. application photos. Whether in the studio or on location, we work with you on your dream photos. Of course also for event photography such as baptisms, birthdays, company celebrations, etc.

For the most part, we do not present you here any photos of models or workshops, but real photos of our customers. Of course only if they have given me the OK for the release! Otherwise, of course, your photos remain hidden deep in our archive.

Coole Sportlerporträts

Our studio is located in Rodenbach, near Frankfurt / M, Germany , but of course we are also on the road for you in Hanau , Frankfurt, Langenselbold, Freigericht, Erlensee etc. as photographers. And in wedding photography or business photography can be booked nationwide or now also worldwide 🙂


In most shoots you will be presented after a few days with a selection of finished edited photos, from which you will then choose the photos that you like. Application photos about 30 min after the shooting.

Have you ever heard of Photo-Psychology? I didn’t until a few months ago, but they do exist. And the most remarkable thing was found I realize that photos in the drawer or on the PC are quite nice, but have no meaning for us in everyday life. Only the photo, which hangs on the wall, which we walk past x times a day, this photo stimulates us every time unconsciously to pour out a few endorphins, i.e. small “injections” of happiness hormones. Because we also unconsciously perceive the photo, and after all, we only hang on photos on which we like. Whether it’s holiday photos, children’s photos or the girlfriend’s nude photo. Try it.

So now I prefer to leave you to the pages and let the photos speak for themselves.

Thanks, your Andi

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