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What is glamor?

50th Glamour 2016 Tamara--388-Edited-Edited Copy - Copy

It is a mixture of elegance, style and a tin of eroticism. I’ve loved this mix since the beginning of my photography. One of my first WOW experiences was photos of an American celebrity photographer. This had photographed normal women, who were not exactly among the most attractive in the style of the 50th movie stars. With everything that was part of it. Hair, makeup, light poses. I was just speechless about what he conjured up from these women at the time.

We now offer this to you, let you be enchanted and dive into the world of glamour. Feel like Marilyn Monroe, the Bardot and what they were all called.

Shooting is our premium product, so to speak. it includes the styling with hair, make-up, on request even with clothes (goes then extra) as it belongs naturally for a star, it starts with a sparkling wine during the styling. And of course the finished editing of the photos, so that they correspond to the style of the time. Shooting duration here is about 3-4h.

50th Glamour 2016 Tamara--82-Bearbeitet Kopie

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the 50th, even the 30th, for example, had their charms. Let yourself be enchanted and surprised by what a star is in you.

In my opinion, we hardly have any glamour in the world today, and when we watch it on television. Get a little piece of this enchanted world in your home.


And here are some works from this area

Of course, the glamour does not have to take place exclusively in the style of the 30th or 50th, even in modern times there is room for great glamorous photos.

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