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many young women dream of a modelling career, very few make it far to the top. What is different about the successful models? In addition to the chance of running over the right people, it’s hard work and a lot of running to apply for jobs, and for that, a meaningful modelbook is essential. So the presentation folder that you present to your potential clients.

And here many models already make a decisive mistake, nude photos from the last model file Shooting , even if they are still so great, do not belong here! Besides sogn. Polaroids (photos that show you completely natural, unedited) the customer wants to see how versatile you are, what you have on it in front of the camera.


Elisa, one of the models pictured here, was in China for three months shortly after the shoot. Her agency boss was so enthusiastic about the photos that it even adorns his model page on Facebook as a profile picture.


Whether it’s going to be studio recordings or a cool location, that’s up to you. Both are possible with us. You will get all the photos from the shoot to view, and then you can choose the photos that you find really cool. Of course, we also advise you on what is currently in the agencies “IN”. that changes more often what they want to see. The whole styling technology accompanied by Martina of our experienced make-up lady. Of course also with all rights to use the photos for you as advertising, and to publish them for it. So a complete package.

Now, of course, comes the question, how much does such a thing cost? It is about 3-4h shooting, also depending on whether it is in our studio, or more elaborate on location, where e.g. a photo assistant is needed. In addition, our make-up student. Various hours of image editing etc. Therefore, an exact price is not to be said, depends on what you want. As a rule, it is around 600, – €. Now a part of you will already click away, those who stay and continue to look around, these are the models who think professionally.

Application photos for model agencies, so-called Polaroids or Polas, are not really Polaroid images anymore, but they are called this in the industry. They are photos without retouching, just a basic optimization of the photo to show the agencies your true self, these cost only 49€ / photo

These are a few Polaroids from a male model, to apply to a sports model agency

On my blog I also wrote one or the other about models. And what to look out for. What traps lurk at agencies etc.

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