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Your studio for impressive photography

Portraits speciale, what is that? 😉

There are countless kinds of portraits, the “normal” which is often given away to Mum and Omi, but there are even more interesting portraits, besides the personal portrait, where we spend a whole day with you to catch you in your full individuality it goes special portraits, just outside of the everyday.

We include portraits that exceed the normal effort of a portrait shoot to get unique photos of you. Be it now through an elaborate set setup (for example, the photo with the autumn foliage) or extended, elaborate image processing, as with the burning violin. All photos here are taken indoors, so in the studio, except our Pocahontas and the Wolf-Lady 😉

Give yourself or your loved ones a photo that falls completely out of the frame of the “brave” portrait. Just one of our special portraits, or as we call them, portraits speciale.

The price of these portraits depends on the effort, and whether Martina, for example, should put our make-up artist’s hand on you 😉

Prices start here at 99,-€,

Here you can save your appointment right away.

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