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Light-Style - Euer Studio für eindrucksvolle Fotografie

Here is our page around your big and small four-legged darlings at home.

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While I have stretched the term pet a bit, it refers not only to dog & cat, but all your favorites which live on and in the house 😉

Pets Portraits
The old boy actually winked at me 😛

Basically, I like to photograph all kinds of animals, if in the studio they are also usually the usual hairy / feathered friends. Whether dog, cat, mouse, ferret or birds of prey. I’ve had some animals in the studio and it’s a lot of fun every time. And as with the baby photos, the animal determines how the shoot takes place and it determines when the shoot is over. Of course, everything always proceeds in such a way that the animal does not get stressed and ideally feels poodle-comfortable. Patience we are definitely used to 😉

Pets Portraits
Having such a great animal in the studio was extraordinary
Or make the big ones sometimes appear small and cute, no Photoshop but the corresponding choice of the lens make this so cute. See more photos of this beautiful Great Dane below

The birds of prey, I must confess, were something special at the time. You rarely get that close to them. But also your non-haired friends like lizards, snakes, etc. can be set in the studio beautifully in Scene. With or without you. Larger animals like horses I prefer to photograph outside, there it gets a bit tight in the studio 😉

Here the photographer is clearly laughed at 😉

In general, of course, all animals can be photographed outside when they romp through the water, at the tournament or play with you, what ever.

New Product Line – Animal Portrait – Faces

Animal Portraits - Faces
Faces – Your favorites in close-up, extremely impressive as a large mural

One of the most important things you should bring to the shoot are the treats.

Of course not only in the studio, but also outdoors. Game & fun held outside. Here you can find our blog posts on the topic, incl. also examples of how play & fun can look like outdoor shooting 😉

Outdoor animal photos, something completely different

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